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    One of the priority areas of our activity is the development of the secondary market of industrial equipment and participation in optimizing the costs of our customers for the organization of technological processes in particular and the development of production in general. As part of this area, we deliver and launch used machines and industrial lines in Ukraine.
        Many entrepreneurs are not ready to invest heavily in their business and get out of the situation by purchasing used equipment that can work stably and smoothly for a long time to come. At the same time, the costs of the acquisition, dismantling, installation, commissioning can total 20-40% of the price of only one new production unit. Given that the factories of Europe, as a rule, observe the operating conditions, regulations and the frequency of maintenance, we can talk about the proper use of equipment, without extreme loads, leading to a loss of quality and production characteristics.

Advantages of acquiring used equipment:
  • The most important thing is the guaranteed effect of saving money
  • You can look at the equipment in operation before purchasing it and find out if it is suitable for your technology used in production according to its technical capabilities.
  • Possibility of presence of customer representatives at the stage of dismantling and, of course, during installation and commissioning. As a rule, most of the issues for further operation are resolved during these stages.
  • Often, in addition to the equipment, such expensive options as software, tools, spare parts, and accessories can be included for free.
  • Prospects for expanding production through the purchase of other necessary equipment for money saved.
  • Used equipment, if necessary, is easier to sell or exchange, its cost will no longer be so catastrophically squandered, as is the case with new.
  Based on a previously agreed upon terms of reference, our company selects the required equipment in the EU and the USA. To make a decision, the customer is provided with technical documentation, photos and video materials, in addition, by agreement, we assess the status of production lines. By agreement of the parties, it is also possible to provide a guarantee for the supplied equipment. We are focused on long-term cooperation and are focused on the high-quality result of each stage of our work. Our key principle is that the client can and should save money, but you should not risk it.