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Cookie policy


This “Cookie Policy” is a part of the “Privacy policy”.


This site uses cookies (Cookies), in order to more conveniently use the site and obtain information that helps us to improve the materials available on the site.

Cookies are small text files, often containing unique identifiers sent by web servers to web browsers, stored in special folders on the user’s computer, and sent back to the server each time the browser requests the corresponding page. Cookies can be used by web servers to identify and track users browsing various pages of the site, as well as to identify users who have previously visited the site.

Cookies can be persistent or session. Persistent cookies are a text file sent by the web server to the web browser, valid until the set expiration date (if the user has not deleted it before this time). On the other hand, session cookies expire at the end of a user session when a web browser is closed.

Cookies on this site

The site uses both persistent and session cookies. The cookies are used to determine the users who visit the site again, their preferences when browsing, their traffic source and the collection of certain traffic statistics.

The following cookies may be sent to your browser:

– Website cookie:

pll_language – saves the choice of site language on your computer
moove_gdpr_popup – saves information about whether the user has agreed to the rules for the use of cookies and the need to continue to display a notification about the use of cookies

– Google Analytics cookie:

_ga – installed by the Google Analytics service, used to count visitors, sessions, campaign data and track site usage, then create a website analytic report. It stores information anonymously and randomly generated number is assigned to identify unique visitors.
_gid – used to store information about how visitors use the site, and helps in creating an analytical report on the site. Data, including the number of visitors, their source and pages visited, is collected anonymously.
_gat_gtag_UA-163815613-1 is a template cookie set by Google Analytics, in which the template element in the name contains a unique identification number of the account or site to which it relates. This is a variant of the _gat cookie, which is used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google on high traffic sites.


When a user visits the site for the first time, he / she is asked to agree to the use of cookies via a pop-up window.

The decision to agree or refuse of the user may be changed later. The user can do this by first changing the cookie settings in the web browser.

Cookie settings

The user is free to decide whether or not to allow the web server to save cookies on his computer. The user can change the browser settings at any time to prevent the acceptance or storage of cookies. Most browsers allow you to configure the display of a warning message before accepting a cookie or accepting a cookie only from certain sites. Cookies previously saved can also be deleted at any time.

For technical instructions regarding cookies, refer to the appropriate section of the web browser.

Prohibiting, blocking, deleting or otherwise disabling cookies may affect the use of the site, as some of its functions may be limited or inaccessible. Thus, for a more convenient use of the site, the adoption of cookies is recommended.


If you have any questions about the cookies or their policies, please contact: privacy@ignis-machinery.com.ua